Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Positivity Egg Activity

Here's another activity from Nicole Bernard, CTRS, that was presented at the 2013 URTA Conference.

Program Goal: Clients will identify different skills they use to create a positive life style

Space requirement:
Class room or outside (it is less messy outside)

Purchase raw eggs and salt

-Do you think that you can balance a raw egg?
-What will it take to balance a raw egg?

Activity Description:
Egg Balancing Game
-An individual has to balance the wider part of a raw egg on a flat, somewhat textured tabletop.
-Hard-boiled eggs won't work, since they tend to wobble and fall over because of the weight of the cooked yolk at the bottom.
-If players are unable to stand the egg upright, all is not lost. Sprinkle a small mound of salt on the table and balance the egg in it.
-Having the person resort to using salt illustrates that many things are possible but may require some outside-the-box thinking to achieve.

Fact Finding:
• Were you able to balance the egg? How long did it take?
• What did it take to balance the egg?
• Did you believe you could balance the egg?

Feeling Questions:
• Were any of you frustrated?
• What were some of your thoughts while doing the activity?
• Have you ever believed you could accomplish something? What was it and were you able to
accomplish it?

Transference/synthesis questions
• Are your thoughts positive or negative? How do those thoughts affect your actions?
• What can you do to have a more positive outlook on life?

Adapted from http://www.livestrong.com/article/156410-positive-thinking-games/#ixzz1sPenyHQ0

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