Thursday, June 6, 2013

The "Um" Game

Brinda Green, CTRS also found this activity for our facility, but it was originally submitted by Anna Mallard (Activity Therapist at New Hope for Children - Jedburg, SC).

A small bag of random, familiar items

-Sitting in a circle, have each individual take turns describing an item given to them from the bag.  The person has one minute to describe the item.
-If the person says the word "um" or pauses for more than five seconds, they will sit down and wait until the next round to participate.
-If the person successfully describes the item, he/she will receive a point.
-Peers will be encouraged to use the horn/buzzer or make a buzzer sound if they hear "um" or count five seconds of silence.

There are several different ways to process this activity:
-Anxiety/public speaking
-Listening Skills
-Expand vocabulary

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