Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Emotion Wheel

I originally found this art therapy project here, and modified it slightly to meet the needs of my patients.


Copy of Emotion Wheel for each participant
Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils

Give each patient a copy of the emotion wheel.  (A circle divided into 8 pie sections).  Have them write above each of the eight sections with an emotion they have felt over the last few days, week, etc.

Then, instruct the patients to come up with a color/picture to decorate each section of the pinwheel to match the emotion they listed.

Have the patients share their emotion wheels.  Consider the following questions:
*When did you feel that emotion this week? What was the situation?
   *When else in your life have you or will you feel that emotion?  How can you cope with it?
*What made you choose that color/picture to represent that particular emotion?
*How do the emotions you chose differ from those selected by another patient?
*Did you include more positive or negative emotions in your emotion wheel?  What does that say about your overall mood?
*Are there any emotions that you feel regularly that you did not include on the will?  
   *What would those emotions have looked like?
*How does the way you experience a particular emotion differ from the way someone else experiences it?

Here was our finished product!


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