Monday, June 24, 2013

Dimensions of Health Analysis

Dimensions of Health Analysis
Review the 6 Dimensions of Health with patients.  Talk about each area and how we can achieve health in each area.  

Give each patient a copy of the worksheet entitled “Dimensions of Health.”  Have them write down different activities they do each day that contribute to health and wellness in each category.

Discuss the lists with the group.  Consider the following questions:
·       What specific ways do you maintain physical health? Emotional health? Spritual health? Etc.
·       Which dimension is most healthy for you?
·       In which dimension are you the least healthy?
·       How can you improve wellness in the environmental dimension? Social dimension? Etc.
·       How is each area connected to another dimension (for example, how does emotional health relate to physical health or mental health to environmental health?

Conclude by having patients set specific goals to improve one or more dimensions of health.

**This activity could also be done in conjunction with the Leisure Time Clocks activity.  If so, have patients separate the items they listed on their clocks into the Dimensions of Health Worksheet, and analyze these.**

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