Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exercise: Legs

Here's what we do for our Leg workout!


·        Basketball stretch (cross leg over and hang down), alternate
·        Lean down towards to left, right, center
·        Lunge to left and right
·        Quad stretch, stand on one leg (FLAMIGO!)
·        Butterfly
·        One leg out, stretch to your toe, alternate
·        Pigeon legs, alternate
Laying on back:
·        Bicycles (One minute)
·        Legs in air, together, up and down (x20)
·        Legs in air, separate up and down (x20 sets alternating)
·        Leg circles (point toe up, BIG circles, 5 each leg, alternate 3 times each leg = 15 each leg)
·        Calf raises (up on toes, x20)
·        Squats (x20)
·        Jump Rope (30 seconds - one minute)
·        Run in place
·        Ankle circles
·        Jumping Jacks (x20)
·        Lunges (forward, in place)
·        Hip circles (Spongebob, or the TimeWarp)
·        Running back kicks (like trying to kick your own butt)
·        Ski jumps (bend knees, jump and turn side to side)
·        Frog jumps (Crouch down and then jump into the air)
·        Walking lunge (across the gym)
·        Skipping (across the gym, x2)
·        Grapevine (across the gym, x2)
Using wall for support:
·        Hamstring curls (tense calf, curl leg up towards butt, x20)
·        Frankenstein/Standing Gate Opener (bring one leg up, cross towards inside, cross out, repeat 3 times, leg back down, alternate legs, x7 sets [both legs = 1 set])
·        Leg raises (point toe, think ballet)

·        Wall sits (one minute)

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