Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exercise: Cardio

Here are some ideas for doing Cardio exercises.  We try to make it as interactive as possible, calling on patients to choose exercise to do, having patients lead, etc.


·        Jump Rope (one minute)
·        Cross Jabs (x20 each side)
·        Front Lunges (alternating, x20)
·        Arms High/Low
·        Side to Side legs wide (touch toe)
·        Side Lunges (alternating, x20)
·        Jumping Jacks (x20)
·        Punch down
·        Knees in air
·        Running laps (x5)
·        Knees out running
·        Knees down heels out
·        Skiing Run
·        Shake out
·        Jump side to side- forward to backward
·        Squat and hold while bringing arms back to front
·        Punches, kicks
·        Jog in place
·        Squats up and down
·        Cherry pickers (legs apart, bend forward and reach back three times, x20)

·        Grapevine (back and forth length of gym, x2) 

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