Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exercise: Arms

Here is our outline for when we work out Arms.  We purchase resistance bands at Walmart and it's always a huge hit!


·        Arms behind your back – stretch out your shoulders
·        Arms in front – stretch up to the sky
·        Arm straight up, bend at the elbow, push down with other hand, alternate [also sitting]
·        Arm across the chest, use opposite arm to pull shoulder, alternate [also sitting]
·        Roll your wrists
·        Feel free to do general stretches as well J

Exercises (Without bands):
·        Wrist curls (like revving a motorcycle… fist facing down)
·        Bicep curls
·        Arm straight up, bend at elbow, make a fist, straighten arm and then back down, keep arm straight with other arm (like a fist pump)
·        Sky reach, alternating arms (like reaching for something on a high shelf)
·        Arm circles (smaller = easier)
·        Arms straight out, slowly up and down (flapping wings)

Exercises (With bands):
·        Rowing (like a boat, x20)
·        Band under feet
o   Side raises (flapping wings, x20)
o   Front raises (x20)
o   Bicep curls (x20)
·        Sit on band, put hands together bend your head, pull up (x15)

·        Back to back, entwine bands, pull band towards chest (x20)

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