Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exercise: Abs

Here's what we do for Abs!


·        Lean down – touch your toes
·        Arms behind your back – stretch out your shoulders
·        Arms in front – stretch up to the sky
·        Left and right lunge, arm reached over your head
·        Lean down towards to left, right, center
·        Butterfly
·        One leg out, stretch to your toe, alternate
·        Legs out, stretch to the center
·        Legs together, stretch forward
·        Leg forward, bring knee to chest over leg, twist direction leg is up, alternate
·        Cobra pose (lay on stomach, point toes, arms in front like a push up, bring chest and stomach up, keep hips on the mat)

·        Twist (sitting, arms shoulder height, turn side to side, x20 [side to side = 1])
·        Crunches (x20)
·        Crunches, legs up (x20)
·        Bicycle crunches (x20)
·        Long bicycles (like stepping out and walking, one minute)
·        Rows (like rowing a boat, pull arms back from feet as far as you can, x20)
·        Plank (30 seconds, x3)
·        Push-ups (x10)
·        Leg lifts (lay on back, bring legs up and down as far as possible, x10)
·        Leg side to side (lay on back, legs up, rock legs side to side, x15)
·        Leg lifts (lay on side, x20, alternate)
·        Sunbird crunches (on hands and knees, bring opposite arm and leg out, crunch in)
·        Elbow to knee (standing: opposite then same side, x20 each side)

·        Mason sits (lean on tail bone, move arms side to side, x15)

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