Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spider Web Activity

   Yarn or Rope
   Beach ball or balloons

For this activity, everyone stands (or sits) in a circle.  Person 1 says something nice about someone across the circle from them (Person 2) and throws them the yarn.  Person 2 then says something nice about someone else (Person 3) and throws the yarn.  Continue complimenting each other and passing the yarn until you have a nice, connected spider web.

Talk about what it was like to compliment other people.  Ask how it felt to hear the positive things others had to say about you.

Throw a balloon or beach ball onto the spider web net, and try bouncing the ball.  Notice how the ball won't fall through the spider web.  Talk about how positive relationships with people connect us to them and prevent us from falling or failing in life.    Demonstrate what happens when people let go of the yarn and the holes get bigger.

Have each person think of one individual they can work on developing a better relationship with and make a specific goal about how to accomplish that.

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