Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Purpose: to help individuals realize their positive traits and talents

   Butcher paper
   Art Supplies (markers)

   Each person will be traced on the butcher paper so there emerges a silhouette of their body.  After everyone has been traced, take turns writing in positive qualities about each person, and sharing what you what was written   For example, if a person is very caring, you might write that over where the heart is in the body.  If someone is smart, you could write that over the head.  Continue until everyone's silhouettes is full of compliments and positive traits.

   Talk about how it feels to hear other people tell you such positive things.  Talk about how even though things on the outside might be rough, inside we all have good qualities.  Discuss the compliments each person received.  As if it's hard to believe everything nice that was said?  How come?  How does knowing other people see these positive traits affect how you feel about yourself, and how you want to be?

Variations:  Do this as a family therapy activity.  Talk about how despite the difficulties a family may have had, the goodness still remains.  Talk about how remembering the good qualities in one another can help the family get through the struggles they are currently facing.

Idea from Karl Jensen, recreation therapist at Telos Residential Treatment Center.

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