Friday, November 30, 2012

Hand-print Circle

   Butcher Paper
   Construction Paper

   Have each patient trace both hands on a piece of construction paper.  On one hand, have them write down what they are in treatment to work on and problems they currently face.  On the other hand, have them write down specific goals they want to accomplish and their dreams for the future.

   Glue everyone's hands together in a circle on the butcher paper.  On the inside of the circle write down and discuss the things that will help them achieve their goals and be healthy (positive coping skills).  On the outside of the circle, write down and discuss things that will prevent them from changing their lives and being happy (negative coping skills).

   Compare the two lists.  If you want, you can cut up the outside and talk about how we need to eliminate these negative things in our lives in order to accomplish the good.  You could even display the hand-print circle in the group room for a few days to remind the patients what they are here to work on.

Adapted from an activity done by Jill Comarell, rec therapist at PCMC Child Residential and Day Treatment Program.

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