Monday, November 5, 2012

Relationships Art Therapy Project

I found this awesome activity from

Choose the people who matter most to you in life and create unique art for each.

Are you the type of person that feels stretched too thin? Do you try to please and accommodate everyone under the sun? Could you be spending more of your time on the people that matter most in your life? If so, this may be a good art therapy exercise for you.

There’s only so much time in a day, a week, a month, a year, and even a lifetime to do the things we want. There’s just never enough time. We live life one moment to the next and when it comes time to reflect on those moments, we want them to be well-spent, memorable, and hopefully un-regrettable.

Here’s a simple activity that you can do to help prioritize and focus your energy on the people that matter most to you. I’m talking about the people that help you maximize the moments of joy in your life. It’s easy to become misguided and distracted, and to focus on the bad energy that surrounds you. Therefore, sometimes it is helpful to focus on the people that make you smile, treat you right, and really have a positive influence in your life.

So, for this exercise, you can use as many, or as few, materials as you like. This is meant to be as open and unique as you want with regards to the art you will create. This activity may need to be spread out over some time, but it will be well worth it.
Okay, think of 5-15 people in your life that matter most to you. In other words, if you had to choose 5-15 people to go with you to a deserted island, who would they be? Write their names down, and try to limit who you take to 15.

Now, create a unique piece of art for each individual that reflects their relationship with you and why you chose them to go with you to the island. You can draw, paint, photograph, collage, craft, or sculpt anything you like. There are no limitations on the art materials you use or the art you create. It could be a poem or a painting or whatever you think fits best.

When you’re done creating your pieces of artwork, you should have some newfound positive energy in your life that you can then put forth with the people you named. Use that energy and motivation to call them up or do something fun, whatever it is that you want to do, as long as you’re spending time and energy with these people.

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