Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Are Special: Stars and Dots Drawings

Give patients the picture with a dot in the upper corner.  Have patients draw their negative traits, weaknesses, things they don’t like about themselves, etc.

Read the book “You Are Special” with the patients.  Talk about the book and how people judged each other by giving dots or stars out.

Give patients the picture with a star in the upper corner.  Have patients draw their positive qualities, accomplishments, things they like about themselves, etc.

Compare the two drawings.  Ask patients which one they like better, and their reasons for that choice.

Talk about how we are sometimes judged by our diagnosis.  Explain that we can choose if we will let it be a dot or a star in our lives. Ask for examples of each scenario.  Discuss with patients ways in which their diagnosis makes them unique and how they can turn their diagnosis into a strength and not a weakness.


  1. I love this idea! I'm gonna try it next week!

  2. Indeed, we should always be someone's strength, not weakness.
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  3. Everyone is special in some way, loved this post.
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