Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mind Bending Maze

submitted here by Brigette Siegel on Monday, July 28, 2003

Size: works best with 16 or more

Equipment: wooded area (or around campsite) and two lengths of rope, each 50' or longer.
-two flags for end of maze, two blindfolds

Objective: participants will experience the confusion of hearing many conflicting directions at once
-participants will work together in constructing a maze
-participants will experience healthy competition between two groups
-participants will recognize the importance of short, specific directions
-participants will have fun

Description: First have each team construct a maze either by arranging desks throughout the room or by using the rope and a stand of trees.

The best mazes have lots of turns and dead-ends; they also have several directional choices (such as an area where the maze maneuver could take either a right or a left. After building the maze, each team places their flag at the end-point or goal area of their maze. Both teams then select a maze maneuverer. This person is blindfolded.

Now, the fun part. You deal with one maze at a time.

Both teams stand together in a spot designated as an area where there will be no contact with the maze maneuverer. Team A's maze maneuverer stands blindfolded in Team B's maze. Both Team A and all of Team B stand together off to the side. Now, Team A's job is to shout commands (forward, turn right, turn back, etc..) to their maze maneuver in order to reach the flag. Team B's job is to shout the opposite commands to try to get the Maze Maneuvered off track.

This is a loud and fun initiative. 


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