Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Group Rock, Paper, Scissors

Submitted here by Jessica Hohenberger, CTRS of Hawthorn Center on February 21, 2003

Size: 6+

Equipment: large area for running

Objective: provide opportunites for good sportsmanship, team work and group cooperation

Description: Have group sit in a circle and group leader will ask who knows how to play rock paper scissors? Ask an individual to visually demonstrate to the group the objectives of the game. After sample rounds between leader and volunteer ask group to identify which player "won" each round to be sure everyone understands. Divide group into 2 equal groups and explain that they will choose a collective group signal. They will return to center of room and line up across from the other team. Be sure that they are standing about an arms length apart from the people on their sides and one step apart from the person in front of them. On the count of "rock, paper, scissors" each team will flash their signal. Depending on the outcome of the encounter, participants must attempt to capture opposing team members using a light tag (if they win) or retreat to their safe zone (if they lose). Be sure to review this process carefully with participants as it can be confusing. Game ends when one team successfully captures all members of the opposing team.



  1. A fun adaptation of this game is Giants, Wizards, Elves. It allows for more creativity in presenting the choice, but also requires a bit more thinking to remember who-beats-who. If I remember right:
    giant beats wizard
    wizard beats elf
    elf beats giant

    This is not my original idea, but I don't remember where I read it. I use it with my adolescent's and they tend to get a kick out of it. Both mental and physical exercise.

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