Monday, July 6, 2015


Here is an activity submitted by Molly Gilbert, an RT intern at Sycamore Springs in Lafayette, IN.  

Objective/Goals: ­­To improve skills in the areas of stress and frustration management.

Population: ­­higher functioning patients dealing with mental health and substance abuse 

Materials Needed: one plastic cup per patient
This is an activity based on the routine/song “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. 
Begin by discussing how patients currently deal with stress and frustration.  Discuss the difference between positive and negative coping skills and ask each patient to identify a positive way of dealing with stress and frustration.  Ask the patients to keep this in mind as they complete the activity, as it has the potential to increase their stress and frustration. 
Before passing out the cups, explain that the group will be learning a routine with the cups and that their end goal is to be able to do it all together as a group. (For even higher functioning groups, you can identify the goal as being able to do the routine along with the song).    Show them this video as an example ( – Anna Kendrick Cup Song Audition - Pitch Perfect).
Teach patients the cup routine step by step:
·         Clap, clap
·         3 hits on table (right, left, right)
·         Clap
·         With right hand, lift cup and set back down
·         Clap
·         Grab cup with upside-down right hand
·         Opening of cup to palm of left hand
·         With right hand, tap bottom of cup on table
·         Place cup, up-right, in left hand
·         Right hand on table
·         Place cup upside-down on table to the right of your right hand
Once the group has the concept, practice the entire routine continuously.  Slowly increase the speed as patients become more confident.  As patients improve, add the challenge of passing the cup to the right at the end of each set.  When done correctly, the cups are passed around the circle.  For higher functioning groups, play the song and have them try to do the routine along with the music.  
Review the positive coping skills patients identified at the start and discuss any that were used during the activity.  If negative coping skills were used, discuss why those were negative and brainstorm more positive coping skills.  End with a discussion on how it feels to be stressed/frustrated by something, but to keep working on it and then accomplish it. 


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