Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Senior Adult Prom

submitted here by Melinda Dykes of Lincoln Residential Center, Brookhaven, MS on Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Size: large group

Equipment: decorations, finger food, music, a specific place to take pictures

Objective: Socialization

Description: Decorate as you would for a school prom. Invite area high school students to come wearing their prom attire. Dress clients in nice clothing (e.g. old prom or wedding dresses collected from staff). Decorate an area for taking pictures. Play music appropriate for the age group. Have a great time!


  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea! I know my grandma and grandpa would love an activity like this. They both really enjoyed dancing when they were younger. They just don't have as many opportunities now. Thiago |

  2. I think there should be times where even seniors should feel young again. It is an amazing experience for them to have and be reminded of those good times. This is something even I would want to plan as well for the seniors in my community.