Friday, October 26, 2012

Tied Together

Purpose: To help patients understand the destructive nature of codependent relationships and encourage them to be more independent in their actions.

   Rope cut into 24" pieces.

Tie each of the participant's wrists to another patient.  Everyone should have both wrists tied (to two different people).  Give each person a container of Play-Doh.  Instruct them that they are to use the Play-Doh to make something (i.e. a snowman, a heart, etc.)  Time them to see how long it takes.

After they have completed the task--or given up--untie their wrists.  Ask them to make the same sculpture with the Play-Doh.  Compare the dime difference.

   Talk about what was different between the two experiences.  Explain what a codependent relationship is and how that was represented by having their wrists tied together.  Consider the following questions:
   - Which scenario was easier?  Explain.
   - Did you feel frustrated during the activity? How so?  What made it so frustrating?
   - How can having a codependent relationship impair your success?
   - How does this relate to your life, right now?  Explain.

Submitted by Andrea Call

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